Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pronunciation- GHOTI

English, coming from many sources, (yes, even French. Sorry, but it's true) has a bunch of wacky messed up rules, especially pertaining to spelling and Pronunciation.

For example, how would you pronounce: "Ghoti?" If you're like me (and George Bernard Shaw, and other linguistic lovers, though Shaw wanted to simplify our spelling, but that's a topic for another day) we would pronounce it "fish." Why, you ask? Simple:

the -gh sound in "laugh."
the -o sound in "women."
and the -ti sound in "nation."

Get it? Ghoti= fish.

Thank you to my old teacher, Professor Harper for teaching me that fun tidbit of spelling, and thank you, English language, for being so messed up that we can say "Ghoti" and sound like the kind of meat that nobody likes!


Charity said...

I ask you, if we don't comment who will?

Love the post, and yes English spelling is screwed up. You gotta love it.

JohansenWest said...

If you are so smart, what is this word: GHOUGHPHTHEIGHTTEEAU.