Friday, August 1, 2008

One More Reason Not to Get a Tattoo

Just after "they're stupid" and "they're ugly" and closely related to reason number one,"they're permanent," comes reason most persuasive: "you can't spell."

In the words of Ross: "Y O U apostrophe R E means YOU ARE; Y O U R means your!" Similar issue with its here, people. Some weird possessive issues going on with the cards this guy was delt [sic] . . . oh wait, I mean sick.


Tracie said...

Lol! Too funny.

Austin said...

he also mispelled "it's" as "its" another pet peeve of mine.

the picture doesn't show this guy's forehead, which appropriately has a tattoo of the world "LOOZER."

Elizabeth West Bunton said...

You are so funny--I love a good rant. Thanks for sharing.